Sterland and Wesbeam are partnering to deliver the power of Frameworks and ProStix to Wesbeam customers.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality is built into Frameworks and Prostix and creates the opportunity for users to trade with EDI enabled suppliers, like Wesbeam, electronically and seamlessly.

EDI has multiple cost and time saving benefits:

Lower operating costs
Eliminates printing, storage, filing, postage, and document retrieval, reducing administration costs
Do business faster
Inventory management is streamlined and made more efficient with real-time data updates.
Improved data accuracy
EDI eliminates the need to re-work orders and reduces keying errors. Rather than focusing on menial and tedious activities, employees can devote their attention to more important value-adding tasks.
Enhanced transaction security
Frameworks, Prostix and Wesbeam EDI takes place across a range of communications protocols and security standards.

Sterland and Wesbeam are nearing the completion of a pilot site where the latest Wesbeam product pricing is easily imported, and purchase orders are being sent to Wesbeam.

If you’re interested in exploring the many benefits of EDI for your business, then we want to hear from you. We can discuss the details with you and develop a plan to implement these process improvements.  Wesbeam are strong believers in the benefits of EDI and open to discussing cost sharing to assist your business in embracing the efficiencies of EDI.

If you’re purchasing from Wesbeam and want to learn more about the benefits of EDI trading, then please email