Plumbing Plus

Unique Developments

Sterland is the Plumbing Plus group’s leading EPR solution provider. More than 25 Plumbing Plus organisations, representing 150 branch outlets, use Frameworks. Plumbing Plus members process more than 4.2 million invoices, or $1 billion in sales, through Frameworks annually.

Plumbing Plus outlined its specific business needs to Sterland, resulting in a Frameworks package which incorporates many unique developments to support Plumbing Plus members, including:

  • Work order service system
  • Hide cost systems
  • Rebate management
  • Linked purchase to sales order


Case Study

Dahlsens have been using Sterland’s application for over 20 years and their latest version takes this to the next level. Frameworks is not only intuitive to use but makes the data critical to my business easy to access when and how we need it. Frameworks allows us to deliver exceptional customer service to our trade customers whilst managing key performance information to ensure my business profitability.  I would recommend Frameworks to my buying group colleagues.

Geoff Dahlsen, CEO, Dahlsens Business Centre