Timber Management Software Designed for Success

Frameworks (by Sterland) was designed by our industry for our industry. Sterland started out in the timber supplies industry over a century ago; since then, we’ve created a timber management software that we’d use in our own business. Have the confidence of working with an ERP built specifically for the needs of the timber industry; and find out why businesses choose our timber sales software for that competitive edge.

The system that’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t

Fully integrated financials

You don’t need a separate financials package. Frameworks keeps it all ticking over: general ledger, balance sheet, AP and AR, bank reconciliation, and full tax processing. The comprehensive system supports complex multi-company and multi-branch structures.

Inventory management

Frameworks’ clever data structuring means it can handle hundreds of thousands of product lines, in one or many branches. With multi-branch stock control, different outlets can run off more than one cost system – allowing for multiple UOMs and suppliers but ensuring one SKU. Integrating with buying groups’ systems and importing price books is easy.

Retail and trade desk sales

Frameworks deals with the simplest retail transaction to the most complicated trade desk sale. A fully functioning and integrated POS system (complete with EFTPOS and signature pads) comes as standard with Frameworks. Trade desk sales incorporate a comprehensive pick, pack and release process, and its integrated purchasing system ensures every order is tracked and delivered.

Single or multi-branch

Multi-branch businesses love the real-time, direct sales-to-inventory data synchronisation with no overnight wait, while branch transfer flexibility optimises stock holdings. Fully configurable and customisable, Frameworks offers the same value – with less complexity – for single branches, who appreciate its simple transaction management.


As a cloud-based solution, Frameworks utilises an open API architecture. This allows data to seamlessly flow between suppliers, buying groups, customers and third party systems: including CRM, shopping carts and manufacturing packages.

With over a century in the industry, we understand your needs as a business owner. That’s why Frameworks is the plumbing business software with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Built for your needs

Frameworks is built with industry-specific features, made to simplify your life as a business owner. With Frameworks, your timber business can grow as you’re able to focus on growing rather than putting out fires. Timber businesses love our cloud based software for its simplicity, while being able to handle inventory and complex orders; all the needs of a growing business.

Timber accounting software

Why should your financials be kept separate from all other aspects of your timber business? Being fully integrated, our timber business accounting software will keep your finances updated in real-time as transactions happen throughout your business. Frameworks keeps it all ticking over. From the GL Dashboard, timber businesses can manage a number of features:

  • General ledger, balance sheet, AP and AR.
  • Full tax processing for the Australian, NZ and Fijian tax systems.
  • Complex multi-site, multi-branch and multi-company structures.
  • Transaction processing from sales and purchasing through to accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, and financial reports.
  • Drilling down to the source transaction for easy auditing.
  • Flexible costing methodologies: products can be valued at average cost and/or their standard/replacement cost. The sell price is managed by retaining a margin on the replacement cost, while sales transactions can be separately valued at average costing.
  • Easy financial reporting with the ability to produce reports by company, division, branch and cost centre.
  • Frameworks’ open interface lets you export details for management in Excel or another third party system.

Frameworks can take on single or multiple jobs, orders, and quotes. As a leading timber supplies software, Frameworks is designed to help you grow.

Our job management software can take on single or multiple jobs, orders and quotes. As a leading timber service software, Frameworks is a timber software designed to help you grow.

Job management software

Frameworks features include the management and tracking of large customer projects, all from one location. With our unique project management feature, you can:

  • Provide quotes at the scale required, with time-saving project templates designed to ensure repeatable success.
  • Consolidate quotes for anything from a single item through to a full bill of quantities.
  • Feel more organised for the duration of the job, knowing you can manage the entire project from a single dashboard.
  • Create and track tasks, access real-time delivery dates, quotes, orders and invoices, and view the overall progress of any job.
  • Import job details from third parties, with automatically managed product details.

Timber inventory software

Frameworks understands and manages the complexities of trade purchasing, all so you don’t have to. For any timber business, it is essential to handle timber tallies and lengths efficiently.

Frameworks allows businesses to efficiently handle timber packs and tallies. With our timber inventory software, you can buy, receipt, count, stock control and sell stick tallies or packs. Packs can be split, docked, and broken to loose, with timber handled by volume and tallies.

To avoid the double handling of day-to-day transactions, frame and truss businesses need their accounting and stock management system to process details from their design and engineering system. Frameworks provides this, by either API integration or importing, estimating and detailing files. This enables stock control and job costing.

Frame and truss

The Frameworks timber industry software can help you cope with comprehensive frame and truss manufacturing. The stock management feature sets the standard in timber enterprise software – perfect for the needs of the timber supplies industry. Frameworks can create and monitor the tasks required to process a job from quoting through to detailing, production and delivery. Try our integrated timber management software today.

Timber Supplier Inventory Software Benefits

  • Streamlined Inventory Management

Timber inventory software significantly simplifies and streamlines the management of timber stocks. It allows suppliers to track and monitor their timber inventory in real time, providing accurate data on the available stock, including tallies, lengths, and other essential metrics. This helps avoid overstocking or stockouts, enabling the supplier to maintain optimal inventory levels

  • Improved Order Fulfillment

With a comprehensive timber inventory system in place, the supplier can quickly respond to customer orders with confidence. The software allows for efficient order processing, ensuring that customers receive the correct quantities and specifications promptly. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

Manual tracking of timber tallies and lengths can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Timber inventory software automates data entry and calculations, reducing human errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The software can also generate reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into the business’s performance and trends.

  • Real-Time Visibility

Suppliers can gain real-time visibility into their timber inventory through the software. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations or warehouses, as it allows them to monitor stock levels and movement from a centralized platform. It facilitates better decision-making, enabling timely adjustments to inventory and supply chain strategies.

  • Inventory Cost Control

Efficient inventory management directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Timber inventory software enables suppliers to control their inventory costs more effectively by avoiding unnecessary stock-holding costs and reducing the risk of timber waste. This ensures that the supplier can maintain a profitable and sustainable operation.

  • Seamless Trade Purchasing

Timber inventory software can integrate with the supplier’s trade purchasing processes, streamlining the entire procurement cycle. It can automate purchase orders, track supplier performance, and manage supplier relationships effectively. This integration ensures that the supplier company can maintain a consistent supply of high-quality timber from reliable sources.

  • Regulatory Compliance

The timber industry is often subject to various regulations and certifications to ensure sustainable and legal sourcing practices. Timber inventory software can assist the supplier in adhering to these requirements by providing traceability and documentation of the timber’s origin and certification status. This compliance not only meets legal obligations but also enhances the supplier’s reputation as a responsible and ethical timber provider.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

By efficiently managing timber tallies and lengths, suppliers can offer better customer service to their clients. They can respond to inquiries promptly, provide accurate stock availability information, and fulfil custom orders more efficiently. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal clients and recommend the supplier to others.


"As an HBT member we looked to purchase a business management solution that met the specific needs of the building supplies industry but was also a single integrated application to meet all our software needs. These guys know our industry and have built an application to deliver to our market."

Brendan Kent, CEO, Kents Building Supplies

"Natbuild, both through our head office and members, have enjoyed a strong and supportive relationship with Sterland for over 22 years. Sterland’s ERP platform has remained one of the major ‘go-to’ solutions in our Industry and is widely used by our Members, being the number one application used by Members of our group."

Peter Way, CEO, National Building Suppliers Group Pty. Ltd.

"Western ITM has been a Sterland customer for over 20 years and we are now embarking on the migration of our business to the Frameworks solution. Frameworks delivers efficiencies for our teams with easy access to information and the ability to complete processes productively."

Dawne Mihaere, CEO, Western ITM

"For the past 12 years Sterland's software has allowed me to streamline operations and keep my finger on the pulse of my business. ProStix and Frameworks have been an integral part of Fitzpatrick’s success."

Richard Fitzpatrick, Owner, Fitzpatrick's

"There are many functional and architectural aspects of Frameworks that meets our needs, from a single centralised database allowing access across all data at all times; through to its user interface design that simplifies transactional processing."

Darren Donald, CIO, Sunshine Mitre 10

"The Sterland team were customer focused and thorough in reviewing our business requirements and procedures. They professionally managed our implementation to ensure our team were trained, our data was ready for migration and back-end systems were ready for a smooth cut-over."

Scott Van Eck, CEO, Gordon Macdonald Pty Ltd

"Dahlsens have been using Sterland’s application for over 20 years and their latest version takes this to the next level. Frameworks is not only intuitive to use but makes the data critical to my business easy to access when and how we need it."

Geoff Dahlsens, CEO, Dahlsens Building Centres

"Frameworks was chosen as it offered superior inventory management and sales processing facilities to run our store operations. Frameworks allows us to focus on the running of our operation and to maximise business profitability. Sterland offers us their experience in the building supplies industry to help us along our journey."

Don Reed, CEO, Dyers Road ITM

"Sterland Computing has provided us with the backup and support to keep growing our business. I recommend Sterland computing as their skill and expertise in helping us is second to none."

Mick Weyman, General Manager, Camerons H Hardware

A little about the Frameworks team

We are Sterland - a company with almost a century of industry expertise. We know what it’s like to want software you can rely on. Let us take care of the small stuff, so you and your team can perform at your best.

We help timber, plumbing, electrical and building supply companies reach their full potential with our cloud based ERP software—Frameworks.

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We understand all the challenges you face, from inventory and margin management, staffing, to your software requirements. We’ve been through them all.

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