Partnering for over 22 years

Frameworks is operating at 91 NATBUILD locations around Australia collectively processing in excess of 3.1 million transactions annually through Frameworks. The application has evolved significantly by way of direct feedback and support of the NATBUILD members making it a powerful fit for independent building supplies operation.

For NATBUILD members Frameworks offers a number of key advantages including:

  • Full and seamless multi-branch operation
  • Timber and pack handling capabilities
  • Frame & Truss manufacturing support
  • Extensibility through an open application interface

Case Study

Natbuild, both through our head office and members, have enjoyed a strong and supportive relationship with Sterland for over 22 years. Sterland’s ERP platform has remained one of the major ‘go-to’ solutions in our Industry and is widely used by our Members, being the number one application used by Members of our group. Natbuild, in developing our own member systems, have worked with our Members and the team at Sterland to ensure our Members can take full advantage of our price catalogue management offer as well as our integrated deal and rebate management system to provide a seamless outcome for the user. We continue to evolve our member facing applications and it is great to know that Sterland remain prepared to work with our team to make sure together we deliver a solution that keeps our Members, leaders in the markets they operate in.

Peter Way, CEO, National Building Suppliers Group Pty. Ltd.