Sterland and IHG: A Partnership Driving Innovation in Hardware Retail

As an Approved Technology Partner of the Independent Hardware Group (IHG), Sterland has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the hardware retail sector. Our collaboration with IHG, particularly through its renowned Mitre 10 and Home Hardware brands, spans over two decades, showcasing a legacy of trust and innovation.


Transforming Retail with IHG Hardware Solutions

Our journey with IHG hardware began over 20 years ago. During this time, Sterland has evolved into a pivotal Trade Technology Partner for the IHG group. This partnership is rooted in a deep understanding of the hardware retail industry and is driven by a commitment to technology that enhances retail efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Frameworks: Revolutionising IHG Mitre 10 and Home Hardware Operations

The cornerstone of our partnership is the Frameworks software, meticulously tailored to align with the unique needs of IHG’s Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores. Our collaboration with IHG’s executive and technology teams ensures that Frameworks is always at the cutting edge, integrating all the IHG application store initiatives seamlessly.

To date, Frameworks has processed over $1 billion in sales across the IHG store network. This milestone is a testament to the efficiency and reliability of our solutions and the continued trust placed in us by the IHG group.


Empowering IHG Member Stores with Advanced Features

IHG’s investment in Frameworks has unlocked several key functions for any IHG member store, enhancing their operational efficiency. These features include:

  • EPG Imports:Streamlining product management for enhanced inventory control.
  • Promotion Imports:Automating promotional activities for better customer engagement.
  • Purchase Order and Confirmations:Simplifying procurement processes.
  • Creditors Invoice Import: Efficient management of financial transactions.
  • Mighty Rewards Program Integration:Enhancing customer loyalty initiatives.
  • Scan Data Solutions:Providing real-time data for informed decision-making.
  • KVI Import:Keeping pricing competitive and market-responsive.
  • Truck Tracker:Optimising logistics and delivery management.


A Future-Forward Collaboration

The partnership between Sterland and the Independent Hardware Group Mitre 10 demonstrates our commitment to advancing the hardware retail industry. By leveraging technology and collaborative expertise, we continue to drive innovation and success for IHG hardware stores nationwide.

Case Study

As a multi-store building supplies operation, Sunshine Mitre 10 requires a reliable, robust, and flexible ERP solution to manage our complex processing requirements.  There are many functional and architectural aspects of Frameworks that meets our needs, from a single centralised database allowing access across all data at all times; through to its user interface design that simplifies transactional processing. Frameworks is designed to manage the complexities of timber and through its integration into the IHG systems, to take advantage of all their buying group initiatives. For any IHG member looking for the next level system I’d recommend Frameworks as the solution and importantly Sterland’s as a business partner.

Darren Donald, CIO, Sunshine Mitre 10