Best Cloud Software for inventory and sales management

The system that's got everything you need and nothing you don't

Since Frameworks was designed by our industry for our industry, you’d expect it to meet your needs. Plus unlike generic ERP management systems, it’s not bloated with unnecessary stuff that simply gets in the way.

Take a look through Frameworks unmatched features, operate a single site or multi-branch, retail or trade (or both!).

Industry-specific features

Frameworks understands and manages the complexities of trade purchasing. It handles timber by volume and tallies; supports the idiosyncrasies of plumbing rebates, linked purchasing and protective cost hiding; is fully across cable management for the electrical industry, and copes with comprehensive frame and truss packages for builders. Data moves seamlessly between Frameworks and the buying group systems.

Of particular note:

Timber handling and pack management

Efficient handling of timber tallies/lengths is critical to Timber & Hardware businesses. Within Frameworks timber can be purchased, receipted, counted, stock controlled and sold as either stick tally or by pack. Packs can be split, docked & broken to loose

Frame & Truss

Frame & Truss businesses need their accounting/stock management system to process details coming from their design and engineering system to ensure there is no double handling of day to day transactions. Frameworks provides this by either API integration or by importing estimating and detailing files from the major design packages to enable stock control and job costing. Frameworks can also create and monitor the tasks required to process a job from quoting through detailing, production and subsequent delivery.

Rebate handling

Rebate handling is integral to the plumbing industry, Frameworks accounts for those rebates and also controls the visibility of rebates to sales staff so that they can see either non rebated, partially rebated or fully rebated costs. Or even view no costs at all.

Cable Rolls

Frameworks includes special handling for rolls of cable as they can represent a sizable investment of Electrical supply businesses and therefore need careful monitoring. Rolls of cable can be purchased, receipted, stocked/sold and then split to loose metre-age when the roll is cut.

Buying Group Integration

Functionality has been strategically added to Frameworks to meet industry needs and match the requirements of the major buying groups operating with those industry segments. Frameworks provides efficient dealings with Buying Groups through Product Catalogue management, purchase order send and invoice importing and processing.

Single or multi-branch

Ideal for single or multi-branch outlets, Frameworks is simple and intuitive to use. Multi-branch businesses love the real-time, direct sales-to-inventory data synchronisation - no overnight wait! - while branch transfer flexibility optimises stock holdings. Fully configurable and customisable, it offers the same value - but less complexity - for single branches, who appreciate its simple transaction management.

Of particular note:

Multi-Branch Business Management System

The system performs all transactions in real-time and does not require any data synchronisation between remote branches therefore providing a real time view of all locations.
Users can perform transactions across the branch network for their allowed branches whilst having visibility of data from all branches.
A fully integrated system for transferring stock between branches with tight security on stock control and full reconciliation processes. Branch transfer purchase orders and sales orders are processed as per any other customer or supplier transaction but are linked for automated processing.

Single Branch Business Management System

Single site operations retain all the functionality of the entire system with the flexibility to expand their system to incorporate any future growth.
Transactions are performed with ease and simplicity.

Single or multi-branch

Supporting any size business from single site operations to multi-site organisations with no added complexity for the multi-site and no loss of functionality for the single site.

Fully integrated financials

You don't need a separate financials package. Frameworks keeps it all ticking over: general ledger, balance sheet, AP and AR, bank reconciliation, full tax processing...The comprehensive system supports complex multi-company and multi-branch structures.

Of particular note:

Fully Integrated

The finance portion of Frameworks takes your transaction processing through sales & purchasing etc all the way to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking, Bank Reconciliations, Tax Reporting & Financial Reports.
From the GL Dashboard you can drill through to the source transaction for easy auditing.

Financial Reporting

Profit & Loss reports can be produced by company / division / branch and cost centre.
An open interface allows exporting of details for management in Excel or other 3rd party financial reporting systems.


The structure of the financials caters for single site, multiple sites and also multiple companies.

Regional Tax Support

GST & VAT Reporting supports Australia, New Zealand and Fiji tax systems.

Fully integrated financials

Frameworks includes fully integrated financial management and reporting functionality that is updated real-time as transactions are processed throughout your organisation allowing for easy production of your financial reporting requirements

Inventory management

Frameworks' clever data structuring means it can handle hundreds of thousands of product lines, in one or many branches. With multi-branch stock control, different outlets can run off more than one cost system - allowing for multiple UOMs and suppliers but ensuring one SKU. Integrating with buying groups' systems and importing price books is easy.

Of particular note:

Large Inventory Business

The inventory management system can efficiently handle hundreds of thousands items and ranging of those products across single or multiple branches.
Products can be ranged per branch such that a branch need only deal with a subset of the entire product range but still have all the extra products at their fingertips should the need arise

Flexible Costing methodologies

Products can be valued at average cost and or standard/replacement cost and the sell price managed by retaining a margin on the replacement cost whilst sales transactions can be separately costed at average costing.

Suppliers and Buying Groups

Every product can have one or many suppliers recorded against it, each with their own specific product identifiers and cost/freight/rebate structures. Purchase orders will identify the relevant pricing and identifiers based on the product/supplier combination.
Buying group and supplier catalogues are incorporated into the system through the Electronic Product Catalogue system which imports and retains the supplier pricing files separate from your ranged product set to be used for periodic updates and special item creation.

Inventory Management

Frameworks incorporates an inventory management system capable of handling all the idiosyncrasies of the building supplies industry such as large product ranges, kit products, tally products and multiple units of measure

Trade desk sales

Frameworks deals with the simplest transaction to the most complicated. Its integrated project and purchasing systems manage large, ongoing jobs - optimizing stock value and margin. Broad pricing and costing models ensure tiered levels of standardized pricing. It incorporates comprehensive, but easy-to-use pick, pack and release processes, and integrates effectively into transport and proof of delivery systems.

Of particular note:

Full Processing from one Location

The Frameworks Sales Order Processing function is designed and built to enable your sales operators to handle all transactions from simple single line orders to complex quotes and orders that are delivered over many deliveries.

Simple to Large Jobs

Transactions can be generated from and linked to large multi-job projects or processed as simple one-off orders. Large jobs can be split as your customers call up certain portions of their order.

Complex Pricing Options

Sales Order Processing offers complex costing, pricing and repricing options as well as integrated contract pricing, special buys and supplier rebate tracking all within defined pricing controls that can be setup per operator.

Linked Purchasing

Process flows range from quote entry and acceptance through specialised options such as linked purchasing, picking & substitutions, bundling and despatch to releasing and invoicing.


The order processes fully integrate with the Production, Transport Scheduling, delivery tracking and proof of delivery subsystems.

Trade desk sales

Frameworks is designed such that is has all the processes and functionality required to handle transactions processed at the Trade Desk. It covers everything from order/quote entry, contract pricing and linked purchasing all the way through to picking and releasing to invoice.

Project management

Frameworks incorporates a unique project management feature, and supports imports from manufacturing and job systems, ensuring accurate and timely stock availability. Consolidated quotations can be provided at the scale required, from a single item to a full bill of quantities. Its time-saving project templates and task management features promote effective organisation and repeatable success.

Of particular note:

Single Dashboard Management

Managing large customer projects through Frameworks allows for the project and all its quotes, orders and invoices to be viewed and accessed from a single location that provides great visibility of the progress of each job. Tasks can be created and tracked, delivery dates updated and attachments managed all from a single dashboard for the project.

Package Integration

Job details can be imported from estimators with automatically managed cross-references for products. Manufactured item details can also be imported from an array of engineering and detailing packages.

Quote Flexibility

Quotes can be produced at any level of the project and consolidated by section/job/project along with cover pages and acceptance forms.

Project management

The Frameworks Projects area allows for the management and tracking of large customer projects all from a single location, projects can be made up of single or multiple jobs and multiple orders and quotes per job.

Point of sale

A fully functioning and fully integrated POS system, complete with EFTPOS and signature pads, comes as standard with Frameworks. Industry-appropriate technology and interface design ensure simple-to-use, fast processing, which works with most POS hardware solutions. Reward systems, including buying group solutions, pose no difficulty.

Of particular note:

Fully Integrated

The Point Of Sale function is fully integrated throughout all modules of Frameworks and processing is in real time meaning sales and inventory level tracking as well as financial postings can be seen as soon as the transaction is completed.

Simple Processing

Designed for simple, fuss free and rapid processing of transactions to provide a great experience for both your customers and sales operators alike.

Flexible Hardware Options

Most POS hardware solutions are catered for and the offering also includes integration to Eftpos devices and signature pads.

Reward Systems

The Frameworks Point Of Sale solution support processing of reward systems, customer signup, points earn and redemption, either internally managed or externally through buying group systems.


Credit and pricing security is all built in and can be tailored for each sales operator.

Point of sale

The Frameworks Point of Sale solution is fully integrated and provides for streamlined transaction processing to serve your customers needs rapidly and hassle free. Sales operators can quickly and easily serve your customer all within the pricing and security guidelines that have been defined.

Integration and workflow

Frameworks incorporates an automated notifications feature, which is customisable at each transaction level - choose your preferences, set once, and the system manages the rest. Working on an open integration framework, the system uses industry-defined integration standards for maximum flexibility, and integrates with any third-party systems, including CRM, shopping carts, manufacturing packages and buying group systems.

Of particular note:


The automated notifications trigged by events occurring in normal day to day operations means that customers and/or staff members can be reliably updated with the information that you wish to share based on the actions/events you nominate.

External Integration

Events can trigger communication both internally and externally, task creation and even integration with other applications that need to be kept in synch.

Open API

Through an open API platform, Frameworks integrates with 3rd party systems such as CRM, E-Commerce and shopping carts, manufacturing packages and buying group systems

Integration and workflow

Frameworks comes complete with an Integration Platform and workflow/event notifications subsystem built in allowing for not only integration with other 3rd party applications via API’s but also consistent and reliable messaging to your users or customers.