Supplier Management Solutions

With Frameworks, you can manage your suppliers all in one place.

Make supplier management easy

Whether you’re in the building industry, plumbing, timber or electrical industry, supplier management is a crucial part of any business. In fact, you can set up your supplier agreements all within Frameworks. A strong supplier management system has a range of benefits:

Data moves seamlessly between Frameworks, suppliers and buying group systems.

You can rely on the EPR system to ensure a smooth, continuous flow of goods from supply to the customer’s hands.

You can alert your staff if they are ordering outside your preset boundaries, incurring additional costs.

Ease of use for your employees, whether that’s purchasing agents, inventory planners, warehouse managers or senior supply chain leaders. Your operations team can count on the accurate and detailed data stored in Frameworks.

You can optimise inventory levels, prioritise orders, deliver shipments on time, avoid supply chain disruptions and identify inefficient processes.

Supplier management with everything you need and nothing you don’t

Every business needs a supplier management system they can rely on. Here’s what Frameworks allows you to do.

Manage suppliers and buying groups

With the Frameworks Supplier Management solution, every product can have one or more suppliers recorded against it… each with their own product identifiers and cost, freight and rebate structures. Purchase orders will identify the relevant pricing based on the product and supplier combination.

Complex pricing options

Buying group and supplier catalogues are built into the system through the Electronic Product Catalogue system. This supplier management feature imports and retains the supplier pricing files, keeping them separate from your ranged product set. This can be used for periodic updates and special item creation.

Clever data structuring

Frameworks’ clever data structuring means it can handle hundreds of thousands of product lines, in one or many branches. Different outlets can run off more than one cost system – allowing for multiple UOMs and suppliers but ensuring one SKU. Integrating with buying groups’ systems and importing price books is easy.


"As an HBT member we looked to purchase a business management solution that met the specific needs of the building supplies industry but was also a single integrated application to meet all our software needs. These guys know our industry and have built an application to deliver to our market."

Brendan Kent, CEO, Kents Building Supplies

"Natbuild, both through our head office and members, have enjoyed a strong and supportive relationship with Sterland for over 22 years. Sterland’s ERP platform has remained one of the major ‘go-to’ solutions in our Industry and is widely used by our Members, being the number one application used by Members of our group."

Peter Way, CEO, National Building Suppliers Group Pty. Ltd.

"Western ITM has been a Sterland customer for over 20 years and we are now embarking on the migration of our business to the Frameworks solution. Frameworks delivers efficiencies for our teams with easy access to information and the ability to complete processes productively."

Dawne Mihaere, CEO, Western ITM

"For the past 12 years Sterland's software has allowed me to streamline operations and keep my finger on the pulse of my business. ProStix and Frameworks have been an integral part of Fitzpatrick’s success."

Richard Fitzpatrick, Owner, Fitzpatrick's

"There are many functional and architectural aspects of Frameworks that meets our needs, from a single centralised database allowing access across all data at all times; through to its user interface design that simplifies transactional processing."

Darren Donald, CIO, Sunshine Mitre 10

"The Sterland team were customer focused and thorough in reviewing our business requirements and procedures. They professionally managed our implementation to ensure our team were trained, our data was ready for migration and back-end systems were ready for a smooth cut-over."

Scott Van Eck, CEO, Gordon Macdonald Pty Ltd

"Dahlsens have been using Sterland’s application for over 20 years and their latest version takes this to the next level. Frameworks is not only intuitive to use but makes the data critical to my business easy to access when and how we need it."

Geoff Dahlsens, CEO, Dahlsens Building Centres

"Frameworks was chosen as it offered superior inventory management and sales processing facilities to run our store operations. Frameworks allows us to focus on the running of our operation and to maximise business profitability. Sterland offers us their experience in the building supplies industry to help us along our journey."

Don Reed, CEO, Dyers Road ITM

"Sterland Computing has provided us with the backup and support to keep growing our business. I recommend Sterland computing as their skill and expertise in helping us is second to none."

Mick Weyman, General Manager, Camerons H Hardware

Electronic trading made easy

EDI is the process of sending and receiving electronic documents. While it’s known to reduce errors and improve efficiency, it is often a complex process. There is no universal standard for Business to Business (B2B) communication, so it is important that data is managed in universal formats understood by both the sender and the receiver. Frameworks has an open system to support the transfer of documents between key suppliers and buying groups, in a format to suit both systems. Purchase orders, order confirmations, advance shipping notices and invoices can all be shared electronically through APIs and value added network providers, or through traditional file transport protocols.

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