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Every business is different, and no two business owners are the same. However, a lot of us share similarities – we’re always busy, for one. That’s why it’s important to have an efficient inventory management system in place, so you can focus on growing rather than always putting out fires. That’s why we developed Frameworks – an inventory management software designed to help businesses in the following industries:

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is crucial to any business – so it’s a good idea to get your head around what it is, and what it isn’t. Essentially, inventory management is all about making sure you’ve got enough stock, in the correct locations, priced and purchased at the right amount. Because this can quickly grow complicated with a growing inventory, many SMEs choose to use an automated inventory management software.

Frameworks is an inventory management ERP system, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Any good inventory management system will keep your data moving between the ERP, suppliers and buying group systems.
  • For larger businesses, you can easily handle hundreds of thousands of items ranging across either single or multiple branches.
  • Searching for something? The powerful searching algorithms within Frameworks makes finding these items simple using supplier barcodes, internal descriptions or any variety of data held within the item details.

What are the functions of inventory management systems?

With Frameworks’ multi-branch stock control, you can manage different outlets with inventory priced differently. This allows for multiple UOMs and suppliers, while keeping the SKU the same.

Inventory management gives you greater flexibility in your costing, as you’re able to value your products at average cost or standard/replacement cost. The sell price is manageable by retaining a margin on the replacement cost, whilst sales transactions can be separately costed using averages.

With Frameworks, you can join the top percentile of business owners and benefit in more than a few ways:

Timber handling and pack management

Efficient handling of timber tallies and lengths is critical to timber and hardware businesses. Within Frameworks, timber can be purchased, receipted, counted, stock controlled and sold as by either stick tally or pack. Packs can be split, docked and broken to loose.

Access data from anywhere.

No more shuffling through piles of papers or files scattered across a desktop. With cloud-based ERP, your warehouse manager can login from a mobile device on the shop floor, or a salesperson can check inventory while at a customer site.

Real-time inventory updates.

The moment inventory is pulled, you’ll know about it. Information is always kept up-to-date with an ERP system, because it’s constantly receiving information from various departments. From payments posted to emails sent, you can gain a major advantage as you get to base your business decisions on up-to-the-minute data. One key difference between Frameworks and other ERP systems is this: its multi-branch capacity allows you to maximise stock optimisation, as you can seamlessly transfer between branches.

Pricing the way you want it.

Frameworks can handle complex pricing options, with pricing and repricing features as well as integrated contract pricing. You can also set up special buys and supplier rebate tracking, all within defined pricing controls that you’ve decided on as the operator.

Automated stock replenishment

With automated stock replenishment, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors, as you know you’ll always have the right stock at the right times. Frameworks looks at the sales of any given stock item over a certain period of time, and creates suggested ordering based on this. All you need to do is approve the orders, and they’ll be sent straight to the supplier with the click of a button.

Keep everyone up-to-date

Frameworks includes an automated notifications feature, which you can customise at every transaction level with a few easy steps: just choose and set your preferences, and the system manages the rest! These notifications are triggered by daily events, meaning your staff and customers can receive reliable inventory updates based on the actions you nominate.


"As an HBT member we looked to purchase a business management solution that met the specific needs of the building supplies industry but was also a single integrated application to meet all our software needs. These guys know our industry and have built an application to deliver to our market."

Brendan Kent, CEO, Kents Building Supplies

"Natbuild, both through our head office and members, have enjoyed a strong and supportive relationship with Sterland for over 22 years. Sterland’s ERP platform has remained one of the major ‘go-to’ solutions in our Industry and is widely used by our Members, being the number one application used by Members of our group."

Peter Way, CEO, National Building Suppliers Group Pty. Ltd.

"Western ITM has been a Sterland customer for over 20 years and we are now embarking on the migration of our business to the Frameworks solution. Frameworks delivers efficiencies for our teams with easy access to information and the ability to complete processes productively."

Dawne Mihaere, CEO, Western ITM

"For the past 12 years Sterland's software has allowed me to streamline operations and keep my finger on the pulse of my business. ProStix and Frameworks have been an integral part of Fitzpatrick’s success."

Richard Fitzpatrick, Owner, Fitzpatrick's

"There are many functional and architectural aspects of Frameworks that meets our needs, from a single centralised database allowing access across all data at all times; through to its user interface design that simplifies transactional processing."

Darren Donald, CIO, Sunshine Mitre 10

"The Sterland team were customer focused and thorough in reviewing our business requirements and procedures. They professionally managed our implementation to ensure our team were trained, our data was ready for migration and back-end systems were ready for a smooth cut-over."

Scott Van Eck, CEO, Gordon Macdonald Pty Ltd

"Dahlsens have been using Sterland’s application for over 20 years and their latest version takes this to the next level. Frameworks is not only intuitive to use but makes the data critical to my business easy to access when and how we need it."

Geoff Dahlsens, CEO, Dahlsens Building Centres

"Frameworks was chosen as it offered superior inventory management and sales processing facilities to run our store operations. Frameworks allows us to focus on the running of our operation and to maximise business profitability. Sterland offers us their experience in the building supplies industry to help us along our journey."

Don Reed, CEO, Dyers Road ITM

"Sterland Computing has provided us with the backup and support to keep growing our business. I recommend Sterland computing as their skill and expertise in helping us is second to none."

Mick Weyman, General Manager, Camerons H Hardware

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